Buprenorphine Management in Fort Smith

Medication Assisted Treatment So You Can Gain Control Over Your Life

Initial appointment $110

Established client $90 Per Month

(To estimate your total monthly treatment fee without insurance 60 Buprenorphine tablets can be as low as $78 per month)

 New clients as well as transfers from other Buprenorphine doctors are welcome.   

If you don't have insurance, or your insurance won't cover medications with us then don't despair.    The price of 60 tablets of Buprenorphine can be as low as $78 per month.  The majority of our clients  who do not have insurance spend   less than  $200 per month.  This includes medications AND the office visit fee.   Treatment is more affordable than most people realize.  When parents and family members see how low the price can be for treatment we have found them willing to help their loved ones rather than  continue to watch them destroy their lives.  

We don't believe in forced medication reduction.   We don't believe in arbitrary daily pill limits.  It is the standard of care to provide enough medication for as long as necessary to keep people from relapsing.  If your doctor is forcing medication reductions on you with no reasonable explanation  and you fear it will lead to relapse we are willing to accept you as a transfer.  

479.321.3645 office

229.375.5861 fax 

If you have questions or you are ready to schedule an appointment you may call or email us buprenorphinemanagement@gmail.com 

We think email can be a convenient way to communicate.  gmail is encrypted and secure.    We delete all emails regularly and overwrite free space to maintain confidentiality.  

To get the best prices for medication you will have to use certain pharmacies and get the tablet form of  a buprenorphine product.  If you need more than two tablets per day your cost is a little higher.  If you need less than two tablets per day your cost is a little lower.  

 We are open Wednesday and Saturday.  We also offer  early evening appointments.   

If you have a job we will try to find a time to get you in.  We like to see people work and pay taxes.  

We can keep our our  prices relatively low at Buprenorphine Management in Fort Smith by not billing insurance,  as this can double or triple the prices a clinic has to charge.   It would cost about  $75,000 per year to pay for staff and technology for electronic billing.  The entire clinic gross revenue was substantially less than $16000  in 2017 for comparison.     This is a small, part-time extension of my office practice so it isn't expected to generate significant revenue.  That was not our goal anyway.     

We have unfortunately had to raise our established client fee due to the incredible amount of time spent seeking prior approval for insurance coverage of medications.  We have spent days on a single case.   If you call or email us then we  can give you a rough idea of the likelihood of getting your Buprenorphine  product covered based on your insurance.  

 I have to give a special shout out to Hometown Pharmacy, Price Cutter Pharmacies, Prince Pharmacy, and Harps Pharmacy.   They go the extra mile to make sure that treatment is accessible.    If there are other pharmacies that have low prices let me know so I can add them here.

Instructions for appointments

Please read carefully

 If you are transferring from another buprenorphine or suboxone doctor then continue to take your medication as prescribed.  Otherwise you should stop opiate use at least 24 hours before your appointment to make the transition to a buprenorphine or suboxone product an easy process..   If you are trying to switch from methadone to buprenorphine this is somewhat complicated.  You will need to be sure to  discuss it with the  buprenorphine doctor before scheduling.  While it can be uncomfortable for a brief period of time to switch from methadone we encourage switching when feasible.  Buprenorphine is overall a safer and much more convenient treatment product.

Forced medication reductions  and arbitrary dose limits are generally outside of the standard of care in my professional judgment.   We try to work with people who relapse and give them second chances.  Firing patients for relapse defeats the purpose of treatment.   

Because of the potential for diversion we do have to conduct random pill counts from time to time.   You may be asked from time to time  to send us a tamper proof photo of your pills or films between appointments.  It is a very simple process.    We try to be understanding of people who lack reliable transportation or live at a distance.

Wednesdays are the best days for new appointments for people who do not currently have an active prescription for a buprenorphine product because all of the cheaper pharmacies are open that day.   

Mixing alcohol or sleeping medicines or benzodiazepines with opiates can be dangerous.  You must not drink alcohol. 

If you are on a benzodiazepine (for example  Xanax, Valium, Klonopin, Temazepam, Ativan) or sleep medications (for example  Ambien,  Lunesta, or Sonata) then these will need to be reduced to what we consider a reasonable level.  2 mg per day of Klonopin, Xanax, or a generic version, is generally not a problem in healthy compliant adults.  However we don't encourage it.  There are people who tolerate and do well with higher doses of benzodiazepines prescribed with opiates.  It is an example of Berkson's Bias to pass  judgment based on just  the bad outcomes and not look at all of the dual prescribing in totality.  This is just my professional opinion and other doctors may differ on their limits.  I am not passing judgment on someone's prescriptions, since I have seen people do well with higher doses.  I am  just stating our general self-imposed guideline.

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