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Medication Assisted Treatment So You Can Gain Control Over Your Life

We understand the reality of a busy life and offer evening and weekend appointments.   We know that it is hard to keep a job if you take off from work too often.   We also have the best prices in Arkansas with $120 initial evaluations and $45 follow up visits.  

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New clients as well as transfers from other Suboxone doctors are welcome.  If you are, or were, under pain management but were fired by your pain doctor for misuse of opioids or non-compliance, you may qualify for treatment for a substance use disorder.    We are also available to consult with pain management physicians. 

If you have questions you may email us
We think email can be a convenient way to communicate.  gmail is encrypted and secure.    We delete all emails weekly and overwrite free space to maintain confidentiality.  

We can keep our our  prices  low by not accepting insurance,  as this can double or triple the prices a clinic has to charge. However many people still come out ahead anyway  because of our Saturday and evening appointments.   We do pill counts over the internet and see no reason to bring people in for this if it can be done by more efficient methods. 

 We will work with you to try to get your insurance company to pay for your Buprenorphine prescription.   You should check with your insurance company to see if they will pay for Buprenorphine products prescribed by an out of network physician.  Some will not pay for prescriptions by out of network physicians (for example  Oklahoma Medicaid), and some have very strict requirements.  

 If your insurance won't pay for the prescription then  the cost for 30 tablets of the 8mg generic Buprenorphine is approximately $180 at Walmart on zero street.  In Broken Bow at Sherrill's pharmacy it is $75 for thirty 8mg tablets.

  We are  always trying to find the best prices.  Let us know of pharmacies that don't gouge and we will publish them here.



Instructions for appointments

Please read carefully

We are happy to accept new clients and clients who wish to change Buprenorphine  doctors.  We also accept referrals from pain management clinics for patients who have developed issues during treatment.  If you were  fired by your pain doctor or Suboxone clinic that is not necessarily an issue, however, you must be honest with us.

For your first appointment with us, please bring in the actual bottles of all medications, supplements, herbal remedies, and vitamins that you take.  You may bring in a complete list instead if you will remember to update it regularly.  If you are transferring from another buprenorphine or suboxone doctor then continue to take your medication as prescribed.  If you are using opiates illegally then you must refrain from use for at least 24 hours prior to the appointment.   If you do not refrain for at least 24 hours buprenorphine might put you into withdrawal, possibly the worst you have ever experienced.  

Additionally if  you have never been on suboxone or buprenorphine previously then be prepared to pick up your prescription at the pharmacy then return for two hours of observation for your first dose.

Mixing alcohol or sleeping medicines or benzodiazepines with opiates can be dangerous.  You must not drink alcohol. If you are on a benzodiazepine for example  Xanax, Valium, Klonopin, Restoril, Ativan; or sleep medications for example  Ambien,  Lunesta, or Sonata, then these will need to be reduced to a reasonable level.  If you do not think you can reduce these types of medicines, then please do not  make an appointment.  2 mg per day of Klonopin, Xanax, or a generic version, is the maximum allowable in a healthy adult on buprenorphine in most circumstances in my judgment,  preferably less.


Opioid Use Disorder

Useful Info

Here is a link from the American Psychiatric Association regarding Opioid Use Disorder.  


Something I will develop later

When you fully understand this and have incorporated it into your life you will be able to see reality better.  Expect the process to take many years.

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