We will be gradually  shutting  down buprenorphine treatment.   It seems fairly clear at this point doctors prescribing buprenorphine are at risk of being held to an impossibly high standard of zero diversion tolerance.  I am subject  to enforcement action by about  1o to 15  agencies on local, federal, and state level, so I have to take into account not the consensus opinion but the opinion of the most aggressive agency or task force.

Here is an example of the misinformation out there.   it is understandable how regulatory agencies and law enforcement can have some misconceptions.  Everything has it's trade offs, obviously, but if traditional substance abuse programs could actually accomplish anything the overdose rate wouldn't have skyrocketed over the last 20 years.

 This is evidence  that anyone can put up a blog and spout an opinion.  I present my blog as the final proof.  I won't go through this line by line but if anyone ever wants a public debate count me in.  Maybe we can sell tickets or something.   "DebateMania2018! coming to a stadium near you!"

I kinda like to blog.  I kinda don't like being held responsible for stopping something  that no one else has ever  stopped before, medication diversion.   so I am out of the addiction business fairly soon.   I will try to remove links to this site from addiction help centers so that nobody wastes their time here.

  I will keep my blog and maybe blog a  bit more or find a more catchy website name to discuss all the crazy stuff that goes on in american style healthcare  and the gotcha regulatory environment.  Some of it can be humorous, to me anyway.

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